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As a large network of volunteers, institutions and organisations, Voluntario Global aims to generate awareness, knowledge and tolerance through cultural exchange and reflective analysis, enhancing our understanding of the tools required for the social transformation that we seek: ultimately, an economic, social and cultural system that is not based on self-interest or predation but rather on ties of cooperation, friendship and acceptance.

The organizations and communities where we work are the main pillars of Voluntario Global. Together with local organizations, we determine our objectives and the type of volunteer we need. Put simply, Voluntario Global could not exist without the organizations, as we work together for their development and growth.

Valeria and Armin founded Voluntario Global in 2006 when they saw a window of opportunity for a mediating institution that would allow for a mutual exchange between the local communities of Buenos Aires and foreigners eager for a deeper insight into them. Initially we assisted in just one school support project, yet gradually other organizations contacted us and were added to our Network. Today we work with 16 different projects in Buenos Aires, and have founded two Cooperatives of our own: Su Lavanderia (2008) and Pacheco Community Center (2014).

These organizations form what we call The Voluntario Global Network and its work is sustained through the donations we receive from volunteers. At Voluntario Global, we consider volunteering to be a two way process in which the exchange between the local area and the volunteer is cultural too. It is also important that we recruit open-minded volunteers with professional skills, abilities and experiences and place them in whichever project suits these talents most. Consequentially, their impact on the community in which they are working can be maximised. For example, those studying education in their home countries are likely to be teaching English whilst our recent Psychology volunteer position is tailored for those with an interest in that field.

Sustainable development, ecologically, economically and socially, is what drives our values system and the way in which we work. Whilst our new project in Pacheco is emblematic of our contribution to sustainable development and the environment, in order to enforce sustainable development on a social and economic level it is necessary to begin at the heart of the communities who need it most; it is through their inclusive economic growth and the empowering of future generations that our vision will be realized. Indeed, it is our duty to fight for what we believe is the right way to live. If we want to change the status quo, the youth need to feel capable and worthy of pursuing further education and having the same access to job opportunities as those from more privileged neighbourhoods. It is only once this fundamental of equality of opportunity is realized that humankind will be at peace and nature understood.


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  • Comment Link Daniel bennett 2017-07-11 posted by Daniel bennett

    I'm curious whether there is a volunteer program in Cordoba capital for an English speaking 37 year old male who is interested in a better planet and has been working as a tree trimmer on the island of maui. I'd like to some how integrate with like individuals and perhaps be able to pursue some kind of sustainable lifestyle and make a difference in the world . A program that provides housing and transportation would be ideal. Some kind of work trade with opportunity earn some wages with opportunity to develop into a carrier.

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Voluntario Global helps local communities by being available to discuss anything that local organizations need, and offering ideas for further change and development.


Location: General Pacheco. Buenos Aires. Argentina

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