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Volunteer's First Day at their Projects: Katrin

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Katrin Hoeller, 26 years old from Switzerland, will be helping at the Assist Teachers in Preschool project for 2 weeks.

How are you feeling on your first day?

I feel great, the kids are very, very cute. It’s a fantastic experience! I’m a little bit tired because I've just arrived, but I'm happy to help the teachers with different tasks. I think they really need help for simple task. It’s very nice how the children reacted, they just come and talk to you. It’s really inspiring.

What are your expectations?

My expectations are that I can help in whatever I can and I hope I can inspire the kids and they inspire me! I don't have big expectations as, unfortunately, I'm only doing this project for two weeks.

Have you set a goal for the volunteer experience?

Yes, similar to my expectations, I hope it's a valuable and inspiring experience. I want to learn more about the daily routine, especially the children.

Why did you choose Buenos Aires?

That's a good question! Actually I always wanted to go in Buenos Aires, there is no specific reason why. I wanted to travel around Latin America, so I think it’s a good idea to start in Buenos Aires and especially start with the project here. And also, for my personal goals, because I have the privilege to travel around and see a lot of places so I also want to give something back to the country and I think Buenos Aires it’s a great place to do both, and to get into the latin American culture. As we travel to this kindergarten, for example, we can already see different landscapes, it’s very valuable for me to see this.

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