Teaching English in Buenos Aires

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The Community Centre, located in the working-class neighbourhood of La Boca, is one of Voluntario Global’s longest-standing affiliations.  The centre has gone from strength to strength even in tough circumstances and now has a number of different facilities, including a soup kitchen, English language school, radio and fabric workshop.  This week one of our volunteers visited the centre to help out with an English class and meet the Community Center team.               

The centre provides free English language courses two times a week for members of the local community. Where volunteers can help teaching English. Wilf, a volunteer from the UK, was helping out with the class. Mechi, the English teacher, has been going to the Community Centre for most of her life.  It is also where she learnt English!

If you're thinking of coming to Argentina, places like this Community Center in La Boca are always in need of new volunteers who like the idea of teaching english.  Voluntario Global has a number of teaching and other projects around Buenos Aires; don't miss the opportunity for an incredible experience with us!

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